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Pressure Washing Company in Free Home, GA

We are here to help when you’re looking for a full-service pressure washing company in Free Home, GA! Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Pressure Washing in Free Home, GA

When circumstances call for full-service pressure washing in Free Home, GA, you’ll need to find a company that’s up to the task. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find them. We are Performance Power Wash, and when it comes to cleaning surfaces in Free Home (and other Cherokee County locations), we are “all hands on deck”! We find the pressure washing process to be a piece of cake, so instead of taking on this work on your own, give yourself a much-needed break and let us handle it for you. Curious about how we get the work done? It’s simple! First, we will take a close look at the surfaces you’d like us to wash. Then, we’ll adjust our water pressure level to an appropriate amount based on the surfaces we’re washing. Finally, we will hose those surfaces down, quickly removing dirt, grime, and filth and replacing them with a bright, clean shine. It might seem like magic, but it’s no illusion. We really improve your property’s appearance, and we get the work done in a flash, too!

In some cases, we discover that cleaning a particular surface isn’t as easy as pressure washing. Some stains, such as car fluids or rust, don’t wash away without a fight. The good news is that we’re willing to put up that fight so your surfaces can be spotless. We bring treatment chemicals to every pressure washing project especially to defeat these unwanted blemishes. Our chemicals safely break down dirt and debris without damaging your surfaces. And don’t worry. These cleaning agents are also 100% biodegradable, meaning they won’t cause any damage to the environment, either.

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Pressure Washing Company in Cumming GA

House Washing in Free Home, GA

Is it time to schedule professional house washing in Free Home, GA? A quick walk around your residential property can help you answer this question. What do you see during a short examination? Are your outside walls covered with dirt and mud? Do you even see large amounts of moss, mold, and algae? These are all sure signs that your home is overdue for a wash. We actually recommend that you schedule a house washing appointment once per year. So, if it’s been longer than that, it’s definitely time for you to reach out to us! Call us at (770) 626-4522 and let us know how we can help. We’ll be there on the double so we can make your home beautiful again.

What can you expect from us during a standard house washing appointment? Our main goal is to clean the exterior walls of the property, and this is best accomplished using what we call “soft washing”. Soft washing is a lot like pressure washing. The key difference, though, is that it uses less water pressure. (Home exteriors can actually become damaged if pressure washed, and that’s why we soft wash them instead.) We guarantee that you will be thrilled by your residential property’s appearance by the end of your appointment. We look forward to presenting you with spotless exterior walls that meet, or exceed, all of your standards! If, for whatever reason, we fall short of your expectations, just let us know what we can do to correct that. We’ll make things right before we leave your property because you’re our customer, and you always come first in our book.

Roof Cleaning in Free Home, GA

Our roof cleaning in Free Home, GA is trusted by homeowners, commercial property managers, and business owners who are tired of their roof being coated in filth. Thanks to us, you won’t have to climb up there and try to scrub those shingles on your own. Just leave it to our team. With a combination of cleaning chemicals and soft washing water, they’ll free your rooftop from dirt and debris. That way, it can radiate beauty, which we’re sure the entire neighborhood will appreciate. (Your roof will appreciate it, too! That’s because our roof cleaning actually helps extend its lifespan.)

We are willing to wash your roof no matter what sort of material it’s made out of. From metal roofs and wooden roofs to asphalt roofs and clay roofs, we’re committed to making them clean! So don’t wait to reach out to us. We are excited to lend you a helping hand.

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