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Pressure Washing Company in Canton, GA

No more frantically searching for the best pressure washing company in Canton, GA. Now that you’ve found Performance Power Washing, you’re in good hands!

Pressure Washing in Canton, GA

It’s all thanks to our professional pressure washing in Canton, GA that your neighbors can keep their properties clean. We think it’s about time you experienced what we have to offer, too! At Performance Power Wash, we pride ourselves on pressure washing work with proven results. (There’s a reason we’re rated five stars on Google, don’t you know.) What would you like us to wash at your property? We can run surface cleaners across your driveway, hose down your outside walls, and attend to many other kinds of projects, too. All we ask is that you let us know what we’ll be doing ahead of time. Contact us online, and you can fill us in on your pressure washing needs. Choose a time and date for your appointment, and you can count on us to be there on time, too. We’ll have everything we need for the job, too. That includes pumps, hoses, clean uniforms, positive attitudes, and big smiles on our faces!

So, what can you expect us to do during your appointment? First things first, we will size up the surfaces that you’d like us to wash. Then, we will spray them with pressurized water. These strong jets of water won’t waste any time “uprooting” tough debris and stains, including tire tracks, algae, dirt, mud, and mold. If, for whatever reason, we encounter any blemishes that won’t go away, we’ve got treatment chemicals we can use to defeat them for good. Our chemicals are biodegradable and safe for your surfaces, so don’t worry. You can rely on us for perfectly clean surfaces that sustain zero damage during your appointment. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Power Washing in Canton GA
House Washing in Canton GA

House Washing in Canton, GA

With our house washing in Canton, GA, you will be able to reinvigorate your residential property’s exterior without having to lift a finger in the process. That’s the convenience of Performance Power Wash for you! You just let us know when we need to be there, and you can expect our timely arrival. Shortly after we get there, we will check out your home’s outside walls, pre-treat them with cleaning chemicals, and wash all those messes away! This is something we’re happy to do for you no matter what your home is made of. For example, we have washed houses constructed from brick, stucco, vinyl, wood, and more. We know the correct amount of water pressure to use for each of these various materials, so don’t worry. We’ll never be so forceful that we cause damage, but we’ll never be so weak that we fail to remove grime, either. Goldilocks would love Performance Power Wash because we get every job done “just right”!

You might be curious about how long house washing takes. The good news is that it won’t take us long at all. Generally speaking, house washing projects only require a few hours of our time. We won’t tie you down while we’re working, either. After all, no one ever said you had to stick around and supervise us. If you’d like to run errands, grab some lunch, or go anywhere else while we’re working, feel free to! Once we have finished washing the house’s outside walls, we’ll just give you a phone call. That way, you’ll know exactly when we complete the project.

Roof Cleaning in Canton, GA

If you’ve been looking for affordable roof cleaning in Canton, GA, it’s time for you to get in touch with Performance Power Wash. Not only can we clean rooftops to our customers’ complete satisfaction, but we can do it for a fair price, too. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll give your roof a quick examination before providing you with an upfront quote. This quote reflects the final price of our services. So, if you approve this quote, you’ll lock that price in! From there, we will soft wash all your shingles, beautifying them in the blink of an eye. We’ll remove harmful dirt, moss, and mold from your roof so that it can last longer without needing as many repairs, too!

Whether your roof is made of metal, concrete, asphalt, or clay, we want to clean it. So don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call (770) 626-4522 to get on our calendar today. We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

Roof Cleaning in Canton GA