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We are a pressure washing company in Woodstock, GA that is committed to customer satisfaction. We’d love to make you our next success story, so don’t wait to contact us!

Pressure Washing in Woodstock, GA

With our full-service pressure washing in Woodstock, GA, the responsibility of cleaning your property’s surfaces doesn’t have to be your burden to bear. Instead, let our experts do this work for you! At Performance Power Wash, we have all sorts of pressure washing experience, and no matter what sort of dirty surface you’ve got, we’ve already washed a different surface just like it. Let us know about your project by contacting us online. (Our message form is convenient to access and easy to fill out. It should only take you a few minutes.) We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a free cost estimate. If you agree with our price, you can confirm your appointment details and look forward to our imminent arrival! We will be at your property with a full team, a whole selection of pressure washing tools, and most importantly, the positive attitude we need to get your job done right.

Give us some time to look over your dirty surfaces first and foremost. If necessary, we’ll use treatment chemicals to help weaken all that dirt and debris. Then, we’ll plunge straight into the pressure washing process. During this process, we will use powerful pumps to generate the pressurized water, as well as hoses to spray the water where it needs to go. Watch as all that filth vanishes and clean, gorgeous surfaces appear in its place! Once we have finished our work, we will let you know so you can review the final results. We want to make sure that you’re 100% thrilled with what we have to show you. (If not, we’ll do what we need to do to change that. We don’t leave until you deem the job done.)

Power Washing in Woodstock GA
House Washing in Woodstock GA

House Washing in Woodstock, GA

It’s all thanks to our professional house washing in Woodstock, GA that our community’s neighborhoods can shine like they’re still new. At Performance Power Wash, we are no strangers to spraying down the exterior walls of nearby residential properties. In fact, we’ll happily do this sort of work for you next. Allow us to thoroughly soft wash your home’s exterior, clearing away moss, mold, and dirt and restoring the radiant beauty that you’ve missed for so long. Are you wondering what soft washing is? We don’t mind explaining! It’s a lot like pressure washing, but there is one key difference: the amount of water pressure used. You see, house exteriors can only withstand so much force, and that’s why we use low-pressure soft washing techniques to clean them up.

Something else worth considering about our house washing: it’s not just for local homeowners. It’s an extraordinarily helpful service for our area’s real estate agents, too. No need to struggle to sell a dirty-looking home. Just have us clean it up, and with the added curb appeal, it’ll find its way to interested buyers with ease. We also wash houses for property managers, HOAs, banks, and anyone else who needs this sort of help. You’ll also appreciate the affordability of our house soft washing services, too. There are never hidden fees at Performance Power Wash—instead, we give you an upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment, and we stick to that price all the way. No nasty surprises!

Roof Cleaning in Woodstock, GA

Just because you don’t have the time for DIY roof cleaning in Woodstock, GA doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Instead of trying to make your way up to your rooftop on your own, why not kick back, relax, and let the team at Performance Power Wash do the work instead? After all, we are a fully trained and insured business that has washed more roofs than we can count. We’ve got the experience we need to get the job done right! Leave it to us to soft wash your shingles/tiles, freeing them from filth and revitalizing their appearance in the process. We won’t forget a single square foot of area in the process. 

Did you know that an annual roof cleaning appointment can help your roof last longer? That’s because the removal of dirt and debris actually reduces the amount of wear and tear your roof suffers. So give your roof the thank-you it deserves for all its hard work and schedule our roof washing services today! Just call us at (770) 626-4522 to get started.

Roof Cleaning in Woodstock GA